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Three Simple Steps to Jumpstart Your Life!

How would you like to jumpstart your income, business and success using some very small steps that yield MASSIVE results? I just recently finished reading the book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy and my mind was blown! The principle of the compound effect is that every small decision you make shapes your destiny and will result in huge success or failure. Have you ever known two people from the same neighborhood, with similar upbringing and equal opportunities, ten years later have completely different lives? One seemingly successful, fit, with a happy love life. The other, in and out of bad relationships, overweight and depressed?! Your choice in education, spouse, foods you eat, city you live and lifestyle you live have set you on the road for ultimate success or an ultimate roadblock or even failure. Have you ever thought about that? That extra cookie you ate while you were on your weight loss journey. The job you took in Utah even though your heart told you to go to Phoenix. That hot guy that you gave up your own dreams for in the name of sacrifice and love and moved across the country. I attended Howard University (BISON!!) in Washington, DC but always think about where my life would be if I had of attended FAMU in Tallahassee which was my first choice through high school. Would I have had the same opportunities? Better, worse? I probably would have never met many of the people that are in my life now. Simple concepts right? Whether good or bad we create habits that help shape our future. The great thing about habits is they can be unlearned. Here are 3 simple steps to jumpstart your life!

1). Track at least one area of your life that you would like to improve. (i.e. spending, losing weight, calories, exercise, recognition of others). Pick up a cute journal or notebook and start tracking daily!

2). Be Grateful! When you find gratitude in areas of your life that you struggle with (i.e. your boss, spouse, body image) you start to focus more on the positive things other than expanding on the negative things. Start journaling about the things in that situation you are grateful for to reinforce gratitude in those areas. Negative energy, feeds on negative energy. Stress less!

3). Change is good! Identify 3 good habits that support your most important goal and 3 bad habits that take you off course from your most important goal. Awareness is key. Hold yourself 100% accountable!

The decisions that you make everyday will shape your destiny. Make the decision to be aware of the small seemingly inconsequential choices you make daily. Remember they will lead you to the life you desire or the life you want to run away from. You have the power!

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Stay inspired!

Adrienne S.


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